Electric Garage Heater vs Portable Heater

If you know the benefits of owning a heater for your garage, then you will soon come across these two types of heaters while you are shopping. Although they seem similar and don’t have that many differences, there is a distinct difference that you should take note of when deciding between the two when you are thinking about which one to buy. This is a big problem among many heater shoppers, as it is hard to choose between two types of heaters they have finally concluded they will get. However, we will try and clear up this confusion so that you know for sure which of the two you will get. First, the electric garage heater is expensive compared to the portable heater. This is because the electric heater is more standalone and is a lot more powerful. The portable heater can be located anywhere and is generally a lot weaker, making it a bit less pricey. Second, the electric heater is lot more efficient with energy. This is because it is a lot bigger, allowing it to process the energy and convert it to heat energy a lot easier compared to a portable heater that is a lot smaller. However, a portable heater has the possibility to be moved around, so that you won’t have to get a separate heater for your other rooms since you can move this one around compared to the heater that can only be placed in the garage. The best electric heater is the one that is affordable, quality build, and is energy efficient while the best portable heater is the one that is affordable, full of great features, and is energy efficient. Choose the one that works for you as each suit a different type of lifestyle per person.