3 great tips to ease the house moving stress

There is nothing better than moving to a new place. The new house smell and the endless possibilities for new furniture and new decorations must excite every new homeowner. However, the process of moving is usually long, tiring and could be stressful. How many times did you have to have a minute aside to breath and not let yourself consumed by the moving blues? Here are 3 steps to take that will ease your worries. 
  1. Prepare. It is crucial to be efficient and start organizing the process early on. When you decide to change homes, and know the exact date you need to leave your current residence – start preparing. Make lists of what to take, what to leave, how many boxes you will need. This is also the perfect time to look at moving companies. Hire movers in advance so that you don’t have to worry about it later.  
  1. Do not procrastinate. The moving time is coming so make sure to start packing early. You can start with seasonal clothes that you are not using at the moment (e.g. if its summer pack away winter clothes). Make sure you do it gradually every night after work. Set a goal of 2-3 boxes a day and this will help you out in the long run immensely.  
  1. Make it a group activity. If you have a big family – delegate family members to specific tasks. This will be such a big help for you and everything that needs to be done will be! On the moving day, invite your closest friends and neighbours for the last farewell and ask for their help. At the end of the packing provide refreshments and have a heartfelt leaving get-together. This will help you form stronger bonds with your beloved neighbours and you will be always welcome to come back and visit!