Why You Must Maintain Hygiene At Home When Your Dog Is In Heat?

The estrus:

When your dog is between 4 and 6 months old and you notice her behave peculiarly towards other dogs when you take her out or she is extremely alert or irritable, you must do a little screening to understand if she is going through any accompanying physical changes.

Perhaps, you have seen her licking or paying too close attention to her back side or to the vulva and it may seem to you to be swelling up. When you notice this, it is likely that the dog is feeling uncomfortable in that phase an she may be having bleeding or any other kind of discharge that can make her feel very spent or lethargic. She may even have emotional mood swings or feel very irritable at times.

When does the dog get the first heat cycle?

When you notice such growing up pains you can be sure that the dog is going through a phase of estrus. The estrus is the sign that the female hormone estrogen is being produced in the body and the eggs are getting ready and that the dog is now ready to mate and it is usually between four and six months for smaller breeds and 18 to 24 months for the bigger ones.

Consult a vet:

If the signs are confusing you it will do you good to consult your vet because it is not highly recommended to let the dog mate during its first one or two cycles. A vet will do a clinical non invasive smear test to determine if the dog is good to mate.

The cleanliness in the place is paramount:

The house will be needed to be kept in a good condition and since there is a discharge from the dogs inner parts, there are chances that it can be affected by fleas, maggots r other insects and bacteria. As a responsible pet owner you will need to keep its surrounding s clean so that he does not have any more stressful conditions, the estrus and the heat itself is quite stressful for them.