Tips to keep your kids healthy

The nip in the air ushers the season of snow, carols, gifts, yummy plum cakes and the holiday season starts. The children are the happiest lot when they get a break from their routine studies, and make the most to enjoy their holidays. The most testing time for the parents is when the child does not eat healthy food, and tries to binge on the junk foods which ultimately result in bouts of sickness, which us the last thing a parent wants.

Usually it is the moms who freak out the most the moment the child falls ill, its nerve wracking as the child gets cranky, they are unable to play around with their friends and difficult time to keep them away from all the gadgets at home. As parents it is the most important responsibility to take care of their kids’ health.

Most of the moms out there are better in keeping their kids healthy, few tips which are really useful:

  • Drinking lot of water, keep their body hydrated. Kids should be taught to drink lot of fluids to keep them going; as they are playing around they burn out more calories and tend to get dehydrated.
  • Avoid too much sugar coated foods, including icing laded cakes, doughnuts. All have too much of all purpose flour which take lot of time to digest and builds up of fat. Lesser the sugar intake, better for their gums and teeth.
  • Eating healthy food, it is difficult to make kids understand the importance of healthy food at a young age, but trying to tell them with the examples that all processed food is not good for their tummy as it may hurt. Eating fresh and healthily hot homemade food is always good for them to grow strong.
  • Doctor’s advice vitamin supplements for many children who do not have balanced intake of food, so make sure to stock up on child vitamins if they have low immunity especially during the winter season.