Free Best Sous Vide Cooker Reviews-Just For You!

Are you a newbie to cooking? Or do you have the knowledge but no time to devote? Well, need not worry anymore. The sous vide cooking is here to help you all. The world is turning to it and so do you!

What are sous vide cooking?

In a brief, this cooking technique involves cooking food in a sealed environment. Mostly plastic bags(safe ones) are used to cook the food, in a water bath at a desired temperature.

There are many companies coming up with newer devices for this method of cooking. But, only few can be on the top in regard to many features including price and usage. One such is ChefSteps Joule.We provideyou the best recommendation based on ‘best sous vide cooker reviews (*)’ taken collectively from many sites and apps.

ChefSteps Joule:

This is one among the top 3 sous vide cookers in the market. Though the work is all the same, ChefSteps have a little variation to the same cooker. We shall tell you why it tops the chart and why should you make this a choice.

Features of ChefSteps:

* It’s an immersion circulator machine, tiny and handy. It looks pretty too-compact and stylish.

* Unlike other products, this doesn’t have any clamp or clip to hold. But it comes with a magnetic base, very unique. So just fix it to the bottom with force, your work is done.

* Unlike others, the amount of water used is also very less. Since the base is fixed tight at the bottom, you need not submerge the device for it to work.

* It comes with a lot of power in heating process. It heats up pretty quick and effectively, using a thick-film heater. Ensures even cooking and sooner than the others.

* It is easy to maintain too.


* Only single drawback noted here is that the device doesn’t work without a phone, internet connection and blue tooth.

You can be rejoicing over its technical advancement, but at times when you can’t put your phone in the kitchen and there is no internet, then this device fails to work.

But is there any place and anyone without using all of these! Not at all! So surely this is not a major drawback unless you think too much.