Invest in The Best Quality Shower for Your home

The shower is a bathroom accessory a must for every household. Nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating as a hot or cold shower depending upon the climate. The water droplets spraying on you as a gentle massager working all over the body. With the latest designs and invention, the whole shower experience is enhanced.

What are LED Showers?

Led showers are those which spray water in different colors. It doesn’t work with electricity or battery. It works with water pressure. The pressure of water changes its colors. It gives a hue to the whole bathing experience. LED shower heads affect your mood, so for a unique and fun experience, one should choose to buy this kind of shower. With all the latest designs of shower nozzles, choosing the best one to fit your bathroom décor is now quite easy. These shower heads may be slightly more priced but, buying these are highly recommended. The pressure and the temperature of the water causes fluctuations in colors.

LED Showers come in two types

  • One which is pressure and temperature sensitive, i.e. it changes its colors as the flow of water increases or the water heats up. Cold water has a color moderate to warm a different color and very hot water a completely bright color like a warning.
  • Secondly, a random color changing LED shower. This is not dependent on pressure or temperature but changes color randomly.

Some of these showers have few colors others have more. Random lighting showers have more color than ones which are dependent on pressure or temperature fluctuations. Simply put as each color means or represents a condition like high or low pressure. Similarly, three colors bright red for high temperature, light red for slightly warm and green for normal temperature. An interesting design.

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About the author : Alvin Nickels