Life Hacks Every Homeowner Should Know

A homeowner ought to keep certain tricks and tips handy that can help him or her keep the house clean, organized and beautiful. However, with kids around and with a busy schedule, things often fall out of place and that is when we need life hacks. Listed below are some of the easiest and most helpful hacks that you have ever come across any lifestyle blog.

  1. Getting Crayon Marks Off The Walls

Now that the deed is done and your preschooler is looking at you with puppy eyes, you cannot possibly undo the situation. What you could rather do is take a good dollop of regular toothpaste and use it to brush off the marks with a toothbrush. If this doesn’t seem to work, you could blow dry the marks to heat them up and then use a regular sponge to clean them up.

  1. Hide The Eyesores

There is nothing uglier than a thermostat looking right back at you on a warmly painted wall while you unwind on your couch. You can hide it behind a beautifully framed painting so that your wall looks neat.

  1. Dispensing Laundry Detergent

Needless to say, dispensing laundry detergent is a task. You could squirt it into your eyes, pour more than you require, spill a little etc. A wiser idea would be to use a larger dispenser jar that will give you exactly the amount you need.

  1. Taking Care Of Dented Carpets

Carpets that are used over long periods of time can start showing signs of wear and tear. It can look dented in places and all that you need to repair them are a few cubes if ice. All you need to do is place the cubes on the dented areas and let the carpet soak up the water. Finish by vacuuming and you will get the fluff right back.


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About the author : Alvin Nickels