Operate The Pole Saw With Care

Operate The Pole Saw With Care

You have decided to prune the tree branches yourself and have invested in a pole saw. Now it is the time that you find out how a pole saw can help you with your tree pruning.

A pole saw needs to be used properly and with proper precaution. This is essential so that you can use it efficiently and operate it safely.

Area check

Ensure that the pole saw as well as the area that you are cutting is clear of power lines or anything that may get damaged. You will have to stand and move a lot when pruning and thus make sure that the ground where you are is clear and does not have stones or anything uneven that may cause you to trip andfall.


Look at the weather before you take out your pole saw. If it is windy or if the weather outside indicates that it may rain anytime soon, then head back home and leave the task for later when it is sunny.

Tree condition

The pole saw may react differently to different tree conditions. So in case the bark is loose or is rotting then it can cause the pole saw to cut slower or faster.

Maintain balance

The correct posture and firmness have to be maintained when using the pole saw. Make sure that you have a firm base and your feet balances you well. Keep both your hands on the saw and ensure that your feet are on the ground when you are using the tool

A pole saw can give you the best experience if used correctly. However,if it is not handled with care it can also turn out to be dangerous. It is thus important that you learn how to use the tool properly. Also,invest in a pole saw as per what your requirements are. You could choose from a gas powered or electric pole saws that come as corded and cordless.


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